Friday, 18 October 2013

Out of my 'ELEMENT'!

Back after ages. Have been hibernating all these months as i've moved to whole new side of the world. Took me a while to settle in. It just feels bizarre to start with, all over again. Hopefully, i'll get used to it again. Travelled to few places in past months. Anyways, might just make it bit interesting by posting pictures for you guys. Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Locked out of Heaven >>An awkward comeback! :/

Sorry guys! I've been long gone and it just feels a bit awkward jumping back on the blogging world again. So much has happened during the past few months and i just couldn't keep up with the whole blogging thing. I did miss it a lot though.Well! i might not be able to do blog post regularly but i'll definitely try to be around. I love going through other blogs and it's good to see everyone doing so good. Anyways,i hope you all had a lovely new year.Wish you all Happy New Year 2013. xoxo :)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Riri's Swagger @Hackney and my boring sh**!! ;p

Hi ya'll How's everyone doing?Hope this week's treating ya'll good.As for me,i've been fine doing nothing interesting.Sitting, watching telly and doing bit of internet browsing.So,am pretty much bored at this point so thought i'd do a quick blog post.Just wanted to share some random pics and keep you guys updated.I know,not a very interesting one!Ahh..what a shame!!I do realise my head needs bit of servicing right now.Anyways,i think that's it for today.Hope you all have a great week ahead.Luv u much.xoxo ;p


Check out her Swagger!!AMAZEBALLS!!Was pretty impressed by her performance @ Hackney Weekend fest!!PS i stole the pic. OOPS!! ;

Once again!!I love the way you lie. :(
Trying out my bowler hat!BORING!!! :/
Stuffs i can't LIVE/LEAVE widout @ the moment!!!
Hooked on to this song PAYPHONE-MAROON 5
Bit of editing done to bringin some colour to my boring pic.Ahh same old expression.LOL!
DIY iphone case.This time got bit lazy.Kept it simple!! 
LOL!!! can't think of nothin!!!You figure it out. ;p

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Feel the Love >>Instagram!!!

Hi ya'll my lovelies just wanted to share some pics from instagram.If you're on instagram make sure you hit me @morbid_ngel!See you one the other side..Love ya'll :)
Boring ppl bored in a boring loo! ;p
Midnight snack time!!! yo yo!!

Worn out OOTD!!whoop whoop!!
Love it!!

Can you feel the love?? ummmmm excuse my spelling error!! :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Weekend Round Op!! ;p

Hi guys!!!Hope ya'll doing great and are in your best spirits today coz it's 'FRIDAY'. Anyways,just wanted to share some pictures i've managed to accumulate throughout the week.I know,i've been really 'LAZY'  lately and am extremely sorry.I 'll try my best to update my blog from now on!!Hope ya'll have a great weekend!! xoxo :)

Super healthy!!
What the *?
This morning!! :)
My lilies suffering from dwarfism. :(
Strolling around the lakeside.

Still strolling around! ;p
Yea almost there !! ;p

Bloody hell!! I've got a thing for 'PINK'!!

OOTD prep!!

OOTD prep and me accessories!! ;p

Friday, 1 June 2012


 Went straight to the mall for breakfast after a long night shift.The shops were all closed at first but once the shops started to open i was too tempted to browse around.Then,i happened to go to 'PRIMARK'.Hadn't been there for ages so thought i'd have a look around and then this top caught my eye.I was like OMG!!!I absolutely love everything about this top.Perfect combination of prints and colour and the material is fab.Loving the dip back style.And the price was even better!!! £9 Wow!!!Wherelse could you find his top for that little price?Loved the new collection from 'PRIMARK'.Unfortunately,i just went for this particular one.I can't wait to style it. ;p